Nicole Richie Starts a New Life in the New Year: Nicole, Family & the Law

Nicole Richie had a lot of good fortune to celebrate as she rang in the new year! In the final weeks of 2010, Nicole Richie married Joel Madden, a longtime boyfriend and father of her son Harlow; and a few weeks later after tying the knot, we’ve learned Nicole was also finally freed from the law. Nicole Richie’s DUI probation dating back to 2006 when she was caught driving the wrong way on the highway, which was extended until March of 2011 after she missed a few classes, was reportedly ended by a judge after Nicole’s lawyer, Hollywood attorney Shawn Chapman Holley, provided proof of Nicole Richie’s successful completion of her alcohol treatment program. And to Nicole’s credit, the class completion certificate was also accompanied by a report of good behavior! So its seems Nicole Richie, who is now a devoted wife and mommy, has matured a lot and is working to turn her life around, giving her a lot to be thankful for as she starts the new year!

Shawn Chapman Holley also defended Lindsay Lohan when Lindsay was sentenced to 3 consecutive 30 day sentences.

Nicole Richie Joel Madden and Son Harlow

Nicole Richie Joel Madden and Son Harlow

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