Want To Smell Like Heidi Klum and Orlando Bloom?

Many stars have been releasing fragrances, and now Heidi Klum and Orland Bloom are jumping on the bandwagon, with their own brand new fragrances. Although Heidi is a Victoria Secret, host of Project Runway, and a mom of four, she has taken on a new role, with being a fragrance guru. Heidi Klum is partnering with Coty Inc. to make a brand new fragrance.

The supermodel released a statement saying, “I am thrilled to be partnering with Coty on my new fragrance. Working for a long time on developing a signature scent and watching it finally come to life is so exciting. I never thought my nose would recover from sniffing so many scent combinations, but it is all worth it.” As for the details of the new fragrance we know that it is called “Heidi Klum Shine” and will release in fall 2011. 

Besides taking care of a new born baby it seems that Orlando Bloom has also gotten into modeling. The actor has recently signed on to be a model and spokesman for Hugo Boss Orange. Bloom says that he has never considered modeling before saying that he is more of a “guy’s guy,” and not really a fragrance man. After the executives at Hugo Boss explained what the project was about, and how it was “a unique quality of independence and freedom, open minds and free soul,” Bloom became more interested.

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