Jersey Shore Cast Invading Italy!?

Mama Mia! Looks like Jersey Shore is heading out of the country for season four. MTV announced Tuesday, January 25, 2011, that the cast of the Jersey Shore will be filming in Italy for next season!

MTV spokesman, Chris Linn, released a statement “While the stateside Jersey Shorelocales have become iconic for our audience…Europe is a fresh spin on a show that continues to reach new heights for us. The cast is headed to the birthplace of the culture they love and live by. We can’t wait to see what erupts as a result.”

A key reason for the move of the cast to Italy, is that the producers are finding it hard to find people to act normally around the cast. But, they think Italians will do just the trick. And as always, Snooki will continue her search for love, “trading gorillas for Italian stallions.” The cast also plans to spend some time with Vinny’s Italian relatives, the Guadagninos’. The cast will begin filming in the spring of 2011, and MTV will air Season Four sometime later this year.

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