Kourtney Kardashian Ready For Second Child and Marriage?

Looks like Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian are ready for another child. The couple who already have a son together, Mason, say that they would love to have another child, hopefully a girl.

In a statement, Scott Disick said, “I’ve always wanted a girl. And then I had Mason and I realized a boy was fantastic. But I would say having a girl would be unbelievable too, to have the best of both worlds…When the time comes or if it’s meant to be, we’ll have another one.”

As for the possibility of marriage, do you think it will happen within the next few years? After all the stuff that has happened in the past year, including Scott going to rehab he says, “I’d like to say I turned over a new leaf a while ago, large attitude adjustment. I want Kourtney to be happy, and the way I used to be didn’t make her happy.” Kourtney agrees with Scott, but says that she would like to wait to get married, “I do but yes it’s been, like, about almost a year since Scott’s cleaned himself up and I just, I don’t know, I’m just kind of taking my time.”

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