Teen Mom 2 Star Wants Custody of Her Son Jace!

Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans, is not ready to give up on her custody rights for her son Jace, 1. After recently losing custody of her son to her mother Barbara Evans, the 19-year-old says she has a plan to get her son back. Since signing over her custody rights virtually without a fight, Jenelle says that she, “plans on regaining back custody…as soon as I move out and establish myself.”

She gave up the custody battle after realizing that she didn’t have any money to pay a lawyer, and after she was charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession and breaking and entering. The Teen Mom 2 star has also been making progress and getting serious as she was recently spotted signing up for community college classes to work toward “establishing herself.” Hopefully the Teen Mom can prove to herself and the courts that she is worthy of parenting her young son.

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