Lindsay Lohan’s $2,500 Necklace Was “Borrowed” Not Stolen

Is Lindsay Lohan becoming a kleptomaniac? The 24-year-old star might be facing charges of stealing a $2,500 necklace. The story is that Lohan allegedly stole the one of a kind necklace from a jewelry store in Venice, California, which she claimed was “borrowed.”

Lohan says that she is use to having things gifted to her and doesn’t understand why there are charges against her, and regardless why would she steal a necklace when she has many more pieces of jewelry at home. When the store reported it stolen and had the police conduct a search of Lohan’s home, they found the necklace and it was immediately surrendered to the LAPD station.

Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley says that they plan to fight the charges of felony grand theft. Holley released a statement saying, “We vehemently deny these allegations and, if charges are filed, we will fight them in court, not in the press.” Back in October Lohan’s preceding judge on her DUI case told Lohan if there were anymore screw-ups she would face six months of jail time. As if she weren’t in enough trouble as it is, she might have to add this to her record.

Lindsay Lohan

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