Christina Aguilera’s Super Bowl Singing Blunder!

I’m sure many tuned in to watch the Super Bowl game, on Sunday, February 6th. But today, many people are not talking about the Green Bay Packer’s big win to the Pittsburgh Steelers, what everyone seems to be talking about is Christina Aguilera’s embarrassing mistake during her performance of “The Star Spangled Banner”. Not that the song is the national anthem or one of the most important songs in our nation’s history, but let’s just say she made a complete fool of herself.

Some may call it nerves, or was it just plain stupidity? Was it the fact that she completely left out the line “O’er the ramparts we watched,” or the fact that she then botched the next line by combining it with “what so proudly we hailed,” to generate what came out as “what so proudly we watched”.

Too Late Christina! The deed is done. Just moments after screwing it up, Twitter blew up with comments from angry fans about her unfortunate blunder. Hopefully Christina and the NFL can do some damage control.

This isn’t the first time someone has let us down by remixing the anthem; back in 2001 Macy Gray messed up while performing at a Hall of Fame game in her hometown. With all this negativity circulating we better give props to one person, Lea Michelle. Way to not mess up America the Beautiful!

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