The Super Bowl Blunders and Greats of 2011

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First off, Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers on their 4th Super Bowl win in franchise history! But today’s post is a list of things that went wrong during the Super Bowl XLV- Super Bowl XLV blunders- and two greats.

1. Christina Aguilera’s embarrassing botched performance of the National Anthem.

2. Immediately following this, was the flyover of the stadium which no one saw because the roof of the Dallas Cowboys stadium was closed.

3.The 400 angry fans who didn’t get to sit in their bought and already paid for seats. This mistake is said to be the complete fault of the stadium which didn’t finished installing the temporary seating because it was not approved by the fire Marshall, allegedly.

4. What some are calling “the worst halftime show in year”. Many have said of the Black Eyed Peas performance- “Seen that, heard that…the performance just bored the audience”.

5. Usher doing the splits. I’m sure Fox made sure those pants were sewn tight to avoid another “Justin /Janet” wardrobe malfunction moment.

6. The oh-so bitter speech given by the Steeler’s head coach after their devastating loss.

There were, however, a few Super Bowl greats during Super Bowl XLV.

1. Lea Michelle’s performance of “America the Beautiful”.

2. The Super Bowl commercials.

Whatever the case may be, this was just not a really great year for the Super Bowl performances.

Super Bowl 2011

Super Bowl XLV

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