The Bachelor’s Brad Womack Destined to Stay a Bachelor for Now

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Did you hear about the secret proposal scandal on this season of The Bachelor…? After his first go on The Bachelor, which ended in the heartbreak of two women, Brad Womack was ready to try again; but, the story is, not before he secretly proposed to another woman before the taping of the show. Even after claims circulated that Brad Womack had supposedly found love this season, a woman came forward to say that Brad asked for her hand in marriage right before the taping of this season, his second season on the Bachelor. Who’s the woman? None other than Laurel Kagay, Brad Womack’s on again, off again girlfriend of eight years. Yep, Brad’s ex-girlfriend is the woman who is claiming that Brad proposed to her more than once throughout their relationship, and the last time was just before Brad left Texas for the production of the Bachelor.

In a recent interview with US Weekly Laurel Kagay said, “Even though we weren’t together, he would say how much he loved me and was going to¬†marry me”. Laurel also added that Brad Womack even continued to contact her via email during the taping of the show.

So why did Laurel Kagay come forward to expose Brad…? She says it is mainly because Brad planned to propose to another woman, and she just thought the other woman should know.

Regardless of Laurel Kagay’s claims, Brad still said he was in love and happier than he had ever been in 10 years. But after what we’ve heard, we think Brad Womack just might be destined to stay a bachelor- at least for now.

<Brad Womack

Brad Womack

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