Ke$ha Concert in Denver Review

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On Saturday, February 19, 2011 First Class Fashionista attended the Ke$ha concert in Denver, Colorado!

Ke$ha Fillmore Denver


On Saturday February 19, 2011, I attended the Ke$ha concert in Denver, Colorado, and I’m excited to share my experience while covering this event for! The concert took place in a relatively small, but intimate venue in the heart of downtown Denver, the Fillmore. When I arrived at 4 pm, about 2 and 1/2 hours before doors opened the line was not terrible, about half-way down the block. While I was in line, trucks arrived from various local radio stations, and from a company called Groove Auto. A little bit after arriving, the Groove auto truck set up a makeshift mini stage attached to the back of the truck where they allowed a local band to perform. Not many people seemed interested, but it sounded like Indie Rock. After about an hour or so of standing in line, it got crazy, the people were coming in masses and the line was continuing to stretch down the block, and soon the radio station booths started blasting music. The line then became a massive dance party, and the minutes until the doors opened were getting closer.

At about 6:45, 15 minutes after the planned opening, the line began moving and the crowd began making their way inside. Soon after the doors opened, we approached the front and we were frisked and asked to take everything out of our pockets. As we went inside, we could see the crowd of people around the stage as the one opening act began to play. About 30 minutes later, another opening act by the name of Beardo began playing rock and performing some of his songs, including one called American. The crowd seemed uninterested in the washed up rocker, and he was promptly booed.

After Beardo’s not so enthusiastic performance, the moment had come, Ke$ha was about to get on stage. The anticipation kept building and then…there she was, coming down the stairs in a blue florescent diamond in a sparkly silver leotard with her signature crimped hair, wild makeup and florescent glasses where she began belting out her hit song, “Sleazy” from her latest album Cannibal. Following that performance, Ke$ha continued by singing Blow, but this time her florescent diamond was green. Ke$ha followed Blow, by singing two unpublished songs.

The energy of the crowd had peaked and Ke$ha did a quick wardrobe change, returning to the stage wearing an American flag shirt carrying a gun shaped guitar, and performing her song, Blah, Blah, Blah which included glitter being shot into the crowd by a glitter gun. That song was skillfully followed by a choreographed version of her song, Backstabber from her first album, Animal. Then she performed her song Cannibal while one of her male dancers was tied to an X shaped spinning prop. He was turned around as the prop spun back and around all that was left of the male dancer was a skeleton. Ke$ha then walked back over to the front of the stage, and squeezed a heart with fake blood into her mouth. That exciting dance act was followed by the oh-so calm Harold Song, and C U Next Tuesday.

A wardrobe change again, and Ke$ha was in a new sparkly skeleton leotard, performing D.I.N.O.S.A.U.R., with dancers wearing dinosaur masks in the background. Following Dinosaur, Ke$ha got up close and personal with her fans, and picked one male from the audience to “torture”. Her dancers sat the volunteer from the audience down on a chair and wrapped him up with plastic wrap while Ke$ha sang “Grow A Pear” to him. At the conclusion of the song, a giant pear and a penis came out and danced all over the man as he was unwrapped and sent back into the mosh of people.

Next, and this was exciting! Ke$ha sang Animal and then her first hit song, Tik Tok as she began to thank the crowd for letting her perform and told everyone to have a great night. The crowd then started chanting her name, and Ke$ha returned wearing a bright neon bird costume and performed “We R Who We R”, which included condoms and more gold glitter being thrown out among the crowd. That song ended the amazing concert.

Although Ke$ha was an all-ages show, I heard many people say that they would not bring anyone younger than age 16. All in all, I had a fun night and enjoyed Ke$ha’s exciting and riveting concert.

Note: Check back for picture gallery and video footage update coming soon.

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