Matthew Morrison and Olivia Munn Dating! Will This Relationship Blossom?

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It’s all according the the buzz…

So it looks like Matthew Morrison, from the hit show Glee, and Perfect Couple’s star Olivia Munn might be dating. The couple who were recently spotted together at a hockey game held at New York’s Madison Square Garden, were seen holding hands and kissing. According to reports, Matthew Morrison and Olivia Munn rooted for the New York Rangers when they played against the Philadelphia Flyers while holding hands and kissing.

Although Matthew Morrison and Olivia Munn might seem like the perfect couple, let’s take a quick look back. According to all the entertainment buzz, Olivia Munn just got out of a relationship and Matthew Morrison admitted, back in November, that he just doesn’t have time for relationships. And Olivia Munn, who broke it off with Chris Pine back in January, just might not be ready for a new relationship so fast. Even Matthew Morrison, back in November, admitted he didn’t have time for a relationship because of his demanding schedule.

“I’m not a good friend right now. I’m not a good boyfriend. It’s not that I’m selfish, I’m just focused,” says Matthew Morrison.

So there you have it! Maybe this dating thing won’t really turn into anything because they both may not be ready to enter into a new relationship, at least not yet.

Matthew Morrison and Olivia Munn

Matthew Morrison and Olivia Munn

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