Do You Want to See Leona Lewis Guest Star On Glee?

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It’s all according the the buzz…

Although many artists don’t seem to want their music featured on Glee, some artists would love the attention or better yet, would like to be a featured guest star on Fox’s hit show. According to an insider, Jennifer Hudson said she wouldn’t mind being on the show and now another singer is coming forward saying, “she would love it”. And that lovely singer is Leona Lewis! Leona Lewis recently said, “I’d love to be on Glee, I’d love to play a rebel. Be a real biker chick in leather and covered in tattoos. A real bad ass”. If that doesn’t work, Leona Lewis says she would alternatively like to play a blossoming or evolving character,

“Like a geek who becomes a swan,” says Leona.

And it looks like Leona Lewis is already getting close with a certain cast member of Glee, Mr. Shue! Leona Lewis and Mathew Morrison were seen hanging out at a Grammy party and last summer they performed a duet to her song Somewhere Over The Rainbow together.

I personally would love to see Leona Lewis on Glee! What do you think?

Leona Lewis and Mathew Morrison

Leona Lewis and Mathew Morrison

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