Prince Concert in Oakland at the Oracle Review

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On February 18, 2011, I heard about Prince’s “Welcome to America Tour” concert on the radio. Prince was going to do a concert right here in the Bay Area for two nights only, February 21st and the 23rd. I knew I had to be there, just didn’t know how yet. I thought I had a little time before the tickets ran out, and by the 19th I knew I needed to start looking for seats. Well, the Tickets were going fast. The only tickets left were $200.00 and up. What was being called the “Purple Circle” (two steps away from the stage, the mosh pit), were going for $2000.00 to $4000.00. I love me some Prince, but not $200.00 worth. Sorry, I just couldn’t do it. I was so sad and the first night Prince performed, I heard the concert was off the hook. Then that same night, Fox News announced Prince was adding another show on February, 24th….I thought, I’m there. I’m not missing out this time. On February 22, 2011, tickets went on sale at 10am, my ticket was purchased at 10:02am, 2 tickets in the nose bleed seats- seat 218 row 8. They were not desirable seats, but I was going and that’s all that mattered. Right?

On the day I was going to see Prince, I was so hyped! I told all my friends, “I’m in there”. The show started at 7:30pm and I’m there at 7:30pm on the dot….getting into the building and the place is packed to the gills. I get to my seat and it was worse than I could imagine. We are so high up, the stage looks like a toy set but like I said, I’m here. And little did I know fate would soon work in my favor.

My husband gets on the phone and calls up one of his boys from the barber shop, he happens to be related to a member of the opening act who plays the piano. He asks where our seats were, so he could come and get us. Now I’m hyped again. I don’t care where he will be taking us, because anywhere else is better than seat 218 row 8. Stevie, my husband’s good friend and now my best friend, says he can get us in the “Purple Circle”. I’m thinking to myself, yeah right…Next scene, STAGE Left AT THE PRINCE CONCERT. OMG! I paid $128.00 for nose bleed seats and ended up in the “PURPLE CIRCLE”, which would’ve cost me a house note! Now I’m really in the building!

At 8:30pm Prince is live on stage and I’m front and center, I might add. The lights go down and everyone in the building starts to scream. 5’2” Prince hit’s the stage and the crowd goes wild. Prince worked the stage like he owned it, but never once did he sing a complete song, like Darling Nikki, Adore, The Beautiful Ones, or When Doves Cry. About 5 years ago, I remember Prince saying something about he wouldn’t be singing any of his old songs due to the fact that he was a Jehovah Witness now, and I guess he kept his word. He hummed a lot of the songs or let the crowd sing them, but never did a dirty word come out of his mouth.

But all-in-all, this was the legendary Prince. He kept the crowd hyped and wanting more. Never once did he look tired. This man was Amazing! I have been in love with Prince since the age of 13 and this concert gave me more respect for the artist known as Prince.

This was a dream come true for me.
Author: Toria Turner-Ward

Note: Photo gallery coming soon.

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