Brooke Mueller’s Restraining Order Against Charlie Sheen!

After the recent news about the troubled ex-lovers, lovers?, living together; it seems as though there will soon be no more Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen domestic drama, hopefully. Reportedly, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruling has ordered Charlie Sheen, who supposedly spent 30 days in rehab instead of 30 days in jail for the domestic violence incident occurring on Christmas day 2009 in Aspen, CO , to not be within 100 yards of his wife Brooke Mueller. After Charlie Sheen was allegedly found passed out in a trashed hotel room, his more than seemingly crazy interviews and the recent loss of his hit TV show Two and a Half Men, paying mega Charlie Sheen bucks, it’s really not surprising the judge was willing to side with Brooke Mueller. Although, Charlie Sheen may not be able to see Brooke Mueller, he’s still spending his allotted time with their twin boys, but there is, of course, a really serious custody issue still at hand.

So now it looks like the scandalous celebrity spotlight is being turned off of Lindsay Lohan and on to Charlie Sheen! And if you haven’t heard, Charlie Sheen has created a Twitter account, so we’re gearing up for the Charlie Sheen rants! According to the Guinness World Record, Charlie Sheen got 1 million Twitter followers in 25 hours and 17 minutes.

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Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller

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