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Just in time for the Spring season, trainer-to-the stars, Kacy Duke who has trained some of Hollywood’s hottest bodies, including Julianne Moore, Lenny Kravitz, Denzel Washington, Gwen Stefani, Bruce Willis, Iman and Kiefer Sutherland to name a few- is pleased to announce the release of her first personal training DVD, I Am, I Can, I Do: Body Breakthrough- The Movement Principles of The Show It Love Workout. Based on the exercises featured in Kacy’s popular book “The Show It Love Workout,” the I Am, I Can, I Do: Body Breakthrough DVD brings Kacy’s signature moves to life, and offers viewers the chance to workout right alongside Kacy, just like a celebrity!

We first interviewed our favorite personal trainer to the stars Kacy Duke back in July 2010 and we quickly learned that what makes Kacy stand apart from the rest is her unique fitness philosophy, teaching her clients to Show it Love– to learn to love and respect their bodies and work to balance the 3 elements of self, the I am, I can and I do. We so loved Kacy Duke’s Show it Love philosophy that First Class Fashionista trekked to Hollywood for one of Kacy Duke’s Undergound Groove events. Read: Showing My Body Some Love with Kacy Duke

I Am I Can, I Do: Body Breakthrough DVD is the culmination of more than 20 years of Kacy Duke training the world’s hottest bodies. I Am, I Can, I Do: Body Breakthrough shares Kacy’s secrets to sculpting a beautiful, fit form using graceful, flowing movements that raise the heart rate and create the long, lean lines that both celebrities and civilians crave. Designed for beginners and fitness fanatics alike, Kacy’s I Am I Can, I Do: Body Breakthrough takes students on a kinder, gentler, go-at-your-own-pace journey to strength and grace – with kindness and self-acceptance – not drill instructor theatrics. But just because her approach may be loose and playful, don’t be fooled – Kacy’s signature moves are challenging and effective!

Shot entirely on location in Kacy’s hometown of New York City, I Am I Can, I Do Body: Breakthrough is one of the most compelling DVDs on the market, complete with only-in-New-York elements such as a hot, original soundtrack by Bluejean Hughes, outdoor photography in Central Park, indoor photography at a hip Flatiron photo studio, plus chic outfits created by NYC designers Norma Kamali and Victor de Souza, all shot with the cutting-edge RED One digital cinema camera (the camera used to shoot The Social Network).

Divided into three segments, each one shows Kacy training an actual student who learns the moves right along with the viewer, functioning in a sense as a “real person” avatar. In the first segment, “I Am,” viewers start laying down their foundation with simple moves that reveal the hidden strength and grace their bodies possess. After they’ve built their foundation, viewers can move on to the second section, the “I Can,” where viewers connect with their growing strength and start to feel the power in their bodies. In the third segment, “I Do,” viewers put their newfound power and strength to the test, with super challenging moves that work the body to its fullest potential.

“This DVD is all about finding your power and your strength. It’s in all of us, and it’s my mission to connect my clients with all that their body can do. When clients tap into that, and achieve satisfaction with their physical selves, they also create a spiritual energy that encourages them to nurture and care for their bodies. When that major shift in attitude happens, it’s truly awe-inspiring to witness- and one of the reasons why I love what I do,” says Kacy Duke.

Kacy Duke credo: “Celebrate the body you have, get the body you want and show your body love along the way.”

SOURCE: Kacy Duke Fitness Inc.
To Order: Visit http://kacydukefitness.com/about_video.php to order your personal training DVD, I Am, I Can, I Do: Body Breakthrough- The Movement Principles of The Show It Love Workout.

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