The Secret Life of the American Teenager Controversy and Review

Is The Secret Life of the American Teenager Appropriate?

The Secret Life of the American Teenager

The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Since the debut of The Secret Life of the American Teenager in 2008, the show has been setting records for the most watched television series, averaging over 4 million viewers per episode. Surpassing that of other television shows with the same targeted audience of 12-34, such as CW’s series Gossip Girl.

The controversial topics of sex, teenage pregnancy, teenage relationships, the concept of marriage in high school, the imperfection in the “ideal American family” and the drama untouched by many other television series may be what draws viewers to this show. But is this show, revolving around the sex lives of teens, appropriate for young preteen and teenage audiences?

In my opinion, this show makes some attempt at steering young teens away from premarital sex by showing the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy, but fails to discuss the harsh realities of financial hardship, the possibility of disease, and the lack of family contribution experienced by true teenage mothers. The “fun” in sex and “gateway” (oral) sex discussed in this show, and the easy family set up of the Jergens’ household, allowing Amy Jergens (a 15-year old teenage mother) to still go to school and hang out with friends doesn’t seem to me like the show is painting a true picture of reality that would steer most young teens in the right direction.

Definitely tune in tonight for the season premiere of The Secret Life of American Teenager, and lets pay close attention to what our teens our watching. Let First Class Fashionista readers know what you think of the season premiere of The Secret Life.

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