Premiere of Make it or Break it

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ABC Family’s Spring Premiere of Make it or Break it

Tonight after the season premiere of The Secret Life Of The American Teenager (Read the The Secret Life of the American Teenager Controversy), ABC Family’s All-New Mondays will continue with the Spring Season premiere of Make it or Break it. The Show will air at 9/8pm c on ABC Family tonight.

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is very excited to help announce this season premiere! The 4 gymnasts, who the show revolves around, return to The Rock to train without their beloved coach, Sasha Beloff. The girls struggle with the pressure of being the top gymnasts on the national team, training for the Olympics, and dealing with their own family and personal issues.

Make it or Break it Season 2

Make it or Break it Season 2

In the season premiere of Make it or Break it, we finally get some of our questions answered from the end of last season. Make it or Break it fans were shocked last season as we watched Kaylie Cruz deal with the pressures of the gymnastic world and family. Kaylie Cruz developed an eating disorder and lied about her weight to both her parents and her coach. In the season finale, due to her fragility and weakness, Kaylie Cruz blacked-out and was rushed to the hospital.

Payson Keeler made the Worlds team and once again is competing with the Rock girls. Another elite gymnast, Emily Kemtko, struggles financially and is on scholarship, unlike the other gymnasts. She was last seen in handcuffs because she was caught stealing medicine for her brother.

Will Kaylie Cruz or Emily Kemtko still be eligible to compete? Is Payson Keeler really ready to compete with the most elite gymnasts in the nation again? Tune in with FCF Fashionista tonight to find out and let our readers know what you think.

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