Debra Gano Interview on BYOU Self-Esteem Apparel for Girls

There were many creative and talented people at the first annual Denver Style Expo! We stopped by Debra Gano’s booth because we loved the Be Your Own You (BYOU) apparel and it’s concept of promoting self-esteem and individuality in young girls. After talking to Debra Gano, we loved the apparel even more and wanted to share this inspiring brand with you. Cymphonique, Nickelodeon star and daughter of rap superstar Master P, has even partnered with Be Your Own You as the new face of the company!

“I am the CEO and President of BYOU, Be Your Own You, and we are a girl’s self-esteem and apparel and empowerment company. I’m so excited to be involved with this because many, many years I was an international actress and model and I truly learned that it’s what’s inside that counts. It’s who you are and being your own unique self is what is so important and I’m very passionate about teaching this to girls, especially girls in the pre-teen age group…They really need to know that it’s okay to be your own you,” Debra Gano tells First Class Fashionista at the Denver Style Expo.

Debra Gano is also the author of the Hearlight Girls series, which includes Beauty’s Secret and Girl’s Discovery of Inner Power. I would definitely recommend these books for your pre-teen to read. And check out the BYOU apparel at I really love the bold logo tees and the
Be Free
Be Wild
Be True
Be Your Own You
tee. Also, the chic and sophisticated handbag style lunch bags are a must-have for any confident pre-teen Fashionista!

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