The View: Elisabeth Swears at Whoopi

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John McCain’s Barack Obama Biggest Celebrity Ad Discussed on “The View”

The View: Elisabeth Swears at Whoopi During “John McCain’s Barack Obama Biggest Celebrity Ad” Discussion

Today I tuned into a heated discussion on the View. The ladies were talking politics. The topic of discussion was the new John McCain ad about Barack Obama being the biggest celebrity in the world. Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are featured in this ad. During this very heated discussion, I couldn’t believe it when Elisabeth said to Whoopi let me f*ing finish. This seemed to disturb Joy and Sherri as well. The discussion continued… concluding in an Elisabeth’s rant about how everyone on the panel is turning on her and “it seems to be that you can only have one opinion in this country.” After the commercial break, Whoopi returned saying something about weird blogs out there…and explaining how their discussions can get heated, but do not go beyond the table of “The View” and that they respect each other as human beings.

Who would you like to see leave the View? Does the TNT positively or negatively stimulate the The View’s ratings? What do you think about John McCain’s Barack Obama “Biggest Celebrity” ad? Tell our visitors what you think. Share a comment.

Note: *UPDATE: I’ve been getting emails from fans who have since watched “The View” recording in question. Fans say that it didn’t happen. That, perhaps, I am lying to create some sort of controversy. I stand by my post. I believe that due to the “so many” second delay in airing, the bleep/loss of airtime/censoring was edited. Yes, I “think” it happened. It happened when Elisabeth said something about “Let me finish. That’s all I ask!”

Okay, I admit that I filled in the blank. I, do however, believe that Elisabeth said the F word and it was censored…and later edited. In any case, the show did lose airtime because of whatever Elisabeth “did say” that needed to be censored. If you are a viewer or an audience member and you witnessed this censoring of Elisabeth, share a substantiating comment with our visitors. If you have a different view, well share that too. Here is where you tell us what YOU think. Share a comment with thousands of visitors.

Video on John McCain’s “Barack Obama Biggest Celebrity” Strategy and Barack Obama Campaign Response

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