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Denver Style Expo

Denver Style Expo

Denver Style Expo Experience and Review

Day 1: Denver Style Expo Junior Fashionista Experience & Review:

This weekend I had the privilege of being able to attend the Denver Style Expo on April 1 and 2nd. When First Class Fashionista arrived at the Denver Merchandise Mart Friday night, we were greeted by a red carpet and a doorman awaiting the crowd’s arrival. After we walked in and received our press passes; we were greeted by a woman named Dana Cain, the person in charge of putting on the whole event. Dana Cain, of Dana Cain Events, was personally invested in making sure everything went smoothly; seeming stressed, Dana Cain was still polite enough to give us an interview. After asking her about the event and how she thought Denver fashion was progressing, we went off to explore the varied booths featuring local Denver businesses, which included salons, makeup artist, designers, and even a candle booth. An hour passed and it was time to start the runway shows.

The first on the agenda was a young girl and preteen line called BYOU or Be Your Own You, a line of clothing and accessories designed to empower girls and women to show the world who they really are, by being themselves. The fashion show was very inspiring and included girls of different ages wearing different BYOU designs that expressed who they were. The line included shirts, hoodies, bags, and jewelry.

Half an hour later, Nina Flowers from the hit show Ru Paul’s Drag Race showed up and it was time for the Nina Flower’s Meet and Greet. As soon as she showed up, we snatched our opportunity for an interview and asked her about her experience on the show. Nina Flowers even shared how she got on the show and let us in on an insider secret- How she gets her hats to stay on her head! “Superglue,” says Nina. Well, it has to be a mixture of superglue and some other secret ingredient that keeps it from damaging her skin! After our interview with the fabulous Nina Flowers, we waited in line to get a picture and an autograph of the Denver raised celeb. She was sweet enough to let us get an individual and a group shot, making us feel right at home with her enthusiasm as she lead us over for our pictures.

Following the meet and greet, and might I add that the shots turned out fantastic, it was time for the Charlie Price’s runway show. The styles of Paris were all very sleek but edgy and with Charlie’s amazing direction when it comes to runway hair, the show couldn’t get any better. A thirty minute intermission later, and the Denver Style Awards were about to begin. The first person to appear on stage was none other than Babblin’ Brooks where he introduced Nina Flower and Charlie Price as the executive judges for the awards. Nominees were awarded by People’s Choice and and Judge’s Choice in the categories of Best Clothing Design, Best Jewelry Design, Best Accessory Design, Best Hair Design, Best Make-up Design, Best Model, and Best Style: Denver Celebrity. As each of the winners graced the stage, most were surprised and some made a speech thanking all the great people out there and adding that Denver had the potential to become like New York for fashion. After the awards wrapped up, the doors closed until Saturday.

DAY 2: Denver Style Expo Fashionista Experience & Review:

Working hard to get info on Day 1 of this exciting event published, First Class Fashionista didn’t arrive at the Denver Style Expo when the doors opened the next day, but we did arrive in time to see The Denver Top Ten Fashion Show with the Mondo Guerra Finale! We walked in the doors around 6 pm, got our press passes and went directly to the seating area so we could get decent seats for the show. Luckily, only the first two rows were reserved for Mondo’s family giving us a comfortable seating in the third row where press were eventually seated. Time passed and it was after 7 pm, the scheduled time the show was to begin but, as always, runway shows can run a bit fashionably late. While we were waiting, we were kept entertained with the sounds of DJ Rockstar Aaron and his mixes of the latest hits. The first designer to feature his collection was a local designer named Gino Velardi, his collection consisted mostly of elegant dresses with pops of colors, followed by the designer Equilibrium which featured more edgy, punk looks. The next designer, Mona Lucero featured 50’s looks with a cute show of 4 girls in poodle skirts trying to impress one boy- which was an all around entertaining segment of the show. Following was Studio Yoshida featuring all menswear, futuristic looks, with a flair of plaid to most of the pieces. Next up, was a line by Carol Mier that emphasized lots of velour and bell bottoms, in addition to one of a kind patchwork jackets and shrugs. Next, Andrea Li, a jewelry designer, surprised everyone by introducing her spring clothing collection that highlighted her use of Asian-esk flair in dresses along with corset backs. Tricia Hoke’s line immediately followed, showing us how to make jersey fabric into fashionable pieces. And lastly, before the big finale with Mondo Guerra, Charlie Price and Katlyn Simkins revealed their Goth collection, a collection of all black flowy pieces with mostly skirts and a touch of menswear.

The finale was finally here, it was Mondo’s time to shine. After a dramatic introduction of movie clips and theme songs later, the first piece of Mondo Guerra’s straight from L.A. Fashion Week appeared on the runway. A striped dress with a strip of yellow accompanied by a red and blue bag- two signature colors throughout the show. The 60’s esk collection featured tweed, round sunglasses, stripes, argyle, pops of color, menswear, and trench coats. Mondo ended the show, and a standing ovation was given to him as he walked out from backstage with his last lovely model. As soon as the show ended, my boss and I raced backstage to avoid standing in line for the Mondo Guerra Meet and Greet. There wasn’t any security, so we were able to walk right into Mondo and his model’s dressing room. And there we were just inches from Mondo Guerra, waiting patiently to squeeze in some time for an interview. After pictures with his models, Mondo kicked the press out so they could change without the photographers getting pictures of them. A few minutes later, Mondo Guerra emerged from the room, and we followed him from behind the curtains towards where the Mondo Meet and Greet was about to take place. And out of nowhere, Mondo turns around to me and my boss and politely apologizes for kicking us out of the dressing room saying, “Sorry, I’m really protective of my girls.” We courteously accepted his apology, mentioning we’d met him at another venue and asked him for a brief interview with Q1: “What was the inspiration for your collection?” and Q2: “Is it the same collection featured at LA Fashion Week?” as our interview questions. After a brief moment, Mondo had to leave for the meet and greet. Meeting Mondo Guerra was the cherry on top of the cake of a great weekend!

And after all of our hard work, we had gotten the last of what we wanted- An interview with the runner up of Project Runway, a local celebrity and hero to those suffering from AIDS. With that we left the Denver Style Expo getting exactly what we had come for- Great Coverage, lots of interviews and runway shows.

Below, check out our interview with the talented Mondo Guerra and the Mondo Guerra Fall 2011 Collection featured at La Fashion Week and the Denver Style Expo.

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