Elizabeth Hurley’s New Roles: Wonder Woman and Single Again

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It’s all according the the buzz…

Estee Lauder model and former longtime girlfriend of 13 years to Hugh Grant, Elizabeth Hurley opened her first Elizabeth Hurley Beach Boutique in 2009 and we expected many more firsts for this beauty, but what we didn’t expect is Elizabeth to file for her first divorce after only four years of marriage to Indian Textile Heir Arun Nayar. According to published reports, Elizabeth Hurley states “unreasonable behavior” for the irreconcilable differences.

The breaking news comes when Elizabeth Hurley recently made headlines for accepting the role of Wonder Woman in the new reboot and was also spottedĀ kissing Australian Cricket star Shane Warne outside of a London restaurant.

After the public display of affection (PDA), the kiss with Shane Warne, Elizabeth Hurley said her separation with Arun Nayar was old news and happened months ago.

“Close family and friends were aware,” says Elizabeth.

Elizabeth went on twitter to confirm the split and then the rumors started. Elizabeth Hurley and Warne were planning on marrying and moving to Australia. The Hollywood beauty denies the rumors saying, “Apparently I’m getting married and moving to Australia. Wow my fictional tabloid life is exciting! Breathlessly awaiting next installment…”

But she’s not the only one making her rounds, Arun was spotted with model Kim Johnson. So it looks like the feelings are mutual.

Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar

Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar

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