303 Magazine April Design Issue Release Party: Behind the Scences 3D

303 Magazine April Design Issue

303 Magazine April Design Issue

Some Things are Just Sexy- Like a Rooftop Overlooking the Denver Skyline and Reading 303 Magazine

After our great coverage of Denver Fashion Weekend, First Class Fashionista was invited to attend the 303 Magazine April Design Issue Release Party co-hosted by Realarchitecture/Unrealconstruction. The event was held at a private residence in Denver with 4 flours of unique architecture and a rooftop view that was very sexy. Guests were entertained with a full open-bar, sushi, an aerial ribbon performance and the first, ever 303 Magazine 3D photo shoot and behind the scenes video.

We realize a Fashionista needs to be in the know about everything and there was a lot we wanted to share about this house, which felt like a club while under construction. At First Class Fashionista, we always say a Fashionista needs to not only look good- A Fashionista has to be seen driving the right car, traveling to the right spots, lunching and dining at the right restaurants- And her humble abode might not be so humble!

However, the owners requested that no photographs be taken of this home. But what we can share is that the aerial performance was amazing! Although we’ve seen this kind of performance at the circus many times, we’ve never seen a ribbon anchored from the ceiling of a private residence for a private performance. We think such a presentation also says something about Realarchitecture/Unrealconstruction. This home seems to be one made of high quality materials and, really, after such a presentation, you probably won’t have any problems with a a ceiling built by Realarchitecture/Unrealconstruction!

We promised to follow the wishes of the owners so, after a lot of cutting and editing, the video below includes the sexy rooftop view and the even sexier 303 TV video presentation. Unfortunately, we had to cut the aerial performance because the shot included a 3 story picture window. Enjoy.

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