Starting Monday Fitness Tip: Why Most Diets Fail!

Cartoon Fitness Model

Cartoon Fitness Model

Hey Fashionista, spring is in the air and summer is fast approaching! And fashionistas everywhere are crowding the gyms and trying all types of “crash” or “fad” diets to get that must have summer bikini ready body. As many of us struggle with weight loss and getting in shape from year to year, it’s time to stop “yo-yo dieting”, look for simple alternative lifestyle changes and forget those impossible hard to maintain diets.

The reason most diets fail is because they are temporary and require us to eliminate foods, and sometimes whole food groups. This is not only unhealthy, but also impossible to maintain throughout the year, which results in the “yo-yo dieting” effect. Once the weight is lost, we go back to eating normally again and the weight usually returns accompanied by a few extra pounds, then we diet again. Why the extra pounds? Cutting calories can result in a slower metabolic rate. When you eat less and drastically change the number of calories you consume, your metabolism begins to slow down as well.

To stay in good health, it’s important that we also eat a well balanced diet. Withdrawing whole food groups from your diet such as carbs or protein, can cause discomfort, drowsiness, headaches, and other major health problems.

Fashionistas, lets shed those pounds the right way with First Class Fashionista. Look for First Class Fashionista’s weekly fitness tips to create a better lifestyle and shed those pounds without necessarily dieting.

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