Will Ferrell Talks About New Movie Everything Must Go

Everything Must Go Movie

Everything Must Go Movie

“I got fired from my job and my wife left me,” says Will Ferrell’s character Nick Halsey in Everything Must Go. In the movie, Will Ferrell takes on a bit more serious but funny role as a relapsed alcoholic who loses his job and his wife all in one day.

Nick Halsey’s wife kicks him out of the house and puts all his personal possessions on the front lawn. Nick ends up living on the lawn and having to hold a yard sale to abide by an ordnance and start his life over. A boy and a new love interest helps to change Nick’s life.

In a recent interview, Will Ferrell talks about Everything Must Go. “The mood changes from laughter to tears, to someone punching someone in the eye ball, to someone trying to rip someone’s tongue out- things like that,” says Mr. Ferrell.

Will Ferrell also joked about buying secondhand clothes, saying “I don’t understand the concept of selling clothes at a yard sale. It’s a little nasty to buy someone else’s clothes. I would label like unwashed, 72% off”, explaining that sometimes his family doesn’t think he’s funny.

“Then other times, I really get them”, says Will Ferrell.

Enjoy the Everything Must Go trailer. Everything Must Go is scheduled to open in theaters on May 13, 2011.

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