Social Networking: Sharing Too Much Personal Information Online

Social Networking Information: How Much Information is Too Much Information? Are You Sharing Too Much Personal Information Online?



Social networking is the latest craze and for many it’s the new way to communicate and connect with people around the globe. Top social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Ning, Linkendin and Twitter have been competing for signups world wide. Unlike before, it’s easy to build a profile with a web of friends and acquaintances, easily sharing contact information, photos, whereabouts and interests.

Surpassing that of Myspace users, Facebook has become the largest social network in the world with over 500 million users and 50% of those users logging in on a daily basis.

But how much personal information should we share on these social networks? How secure is our information? Many people share their phone numbers and constantly update their location and whereabouts. Is this safe? Facebook has even added a new app that allows the user to update their current location from the mobile phone.

Often times, social networking sites seem to provide a false sense of security and anonymity for some users because there isn’t a face to face or physical interaction. Users often forget that other people may be able to access and view their information, not only their friends.

Posting too much information on Facebook or other social networks may not only put your personal security at risk, but also may affect the way your current or future employer may view you.

And, although you may set your profile or page to private, there may also be hackers or information leaks that could put your personal safety at risk.

Fashionista, be careful and share with our readers what you think is appropriate or inappropriate information sharing on social networking sites. Are You Sharing Too Much Personal Information Online?

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