End of The World May 21st! What Will You Be Wearing?

Harold Camping

Harold Camping

What’s up Fashionista. You’ve probably heard by now about the prediction that tomorrow, Saturday, May 21st 2011, will be the “Beginning of The End”, or “Judgement Day” or “The Day of Reckoning” or “The End of the World”. Religious leader, 89 year old Harold Camping, has convinced all of his followers that the end of the world begins at 6PM ET tomorrow night.

I don’t know about your plans, but if Camping’s prediction is accurate, then it will truly be the biggest event of all time! It will be the end of the world. And if he’s wrong, I hear it’s going to be a gorgeous weekend and I plan to dress my best for either.

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As for the day, I’ll be decked out in my cycling gear, burning some calories on my bike ride through town.

Then later, tomorrow night, me and my wife might go out for a nice moonlit dinner downtown.

After that, then it’s party time!!!!

What will you be wearing on the day of reckoning?

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