Mante Ray Talbert “M-Bone” Funeral Open to the Public

Cali Swag District Rapper M-Bone’s Funeral Open to the Public

Family, friends and fans are welcomed to attend the funeral of Cali Swag District Rapper M-Bone this Friday, May 27, 2011 at Faithful Central in Inglewood, California. M-Bone was only 22-years-old.

M Bone

M Bone

Sunday night, May 15, Cali Swag District’s 22-year-old Rapper M-Bone, whose real name is Mante Ray Talbert, was killed in a drive-by shooting in Inglewood. Reportedly, Mante Ray Talbert was sitting in the driver’s seat of his car outside of a liquor store when he was fatally shot twice in the head at approximately 10:30 pm. There was also another man in the car who was unharmed. The man, whose name hasn’t been released, is said to have been sitting in the passenger seat of M-Bone’s car when the shots were fired.

“Another car pulled alongside, gunshots were fired and the victim was struck twice in the head,” said Lt. James Madia in a release.

M-Bone was one of four rappers in a rap group called Cali Swag District who rose to fame after the hit single “Teach Me How to Dougie” was released in 2010. Greg Miller, M-Bone’s publicist, described him as “an inspiration to his family, friends and fans” and “a hardworking, passionate artist and dancer who will be sorely missed”. The motive for this shooting is currently still under investigation.

Yesterday, May 23, 2011, the Cali Swag District released a track tribute to M-Bone entitled “How to Do That”. I never learned to Dougie, but I’ve tried. In the video below, M-Bone takes time out to teach his fans to Dougie. R.I.P. M-Bone.

The funeral will be held this Friday, May 27, 2011 and is open to the entire public (family, friends and fans). It will take place at 11 am PT at Faithful Central on 333 W. Florence Avenue in Inglewood, California.

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