America’s Best Dance Crew- Championship Showdown

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Tonight is the championship showdown; where the final two crews will face the most intense
battle of our season. Both crews will face three rounds of brutal challenges, they will give everything they’ve got for the final plea of your votes.

For the “around the world challenge” both crews were given a video showcasing different dance styles from around the world, they will be judged on how well they master these worldly moves and how well they incorporate them in the own original routine.

Super Cr3w was up first for the “around the world challenge” and they are focusing on Latin America. Judge, Shane Sparks said, “That’s why ya’ll are still on this show, you just blew everybody’s mind!”

SoReal Cru then performed the “around the world challenge” and they are focusing on dance moves from the Caribbean. Judge, Lil’ Mama said, “You guys struggled threw the whole performance, Jackie you were trying to figure out what was going on the whole time.”

The next challenge was “the original dance craze challenge” the crews had to work with music producers to design the music and the choreography.

Up first to perform “the original dance craze challenge” was Super Cr3w. Judge JC Chasez said, “It’s an easy thing to do and its memorable but, is it to much about you guys?”

Next to perform “the original dance craze challenge” was SoReal Cru. Judge, Shane Sparks said, “That was hot! What I like about this one was this is straight to the hood clubs!!”

The last challenge was “the last chance challenge” both crews have to show why they are America’s Best Dance Crew.

Super Cr3w performed to “Give it up, turn it lose” by James Brown, in “the last chance challenge”. Then was SoReal Cru, they performed to “A Milli” by Lil’ Wayne. Here is where you can tell fans what you think. Share a comment with thousand of visitors. *Copyright protected. First Class Fashionista permits direct linking and photo credit.

To vote for SoReal Cru text 1 to 22444
To vote for Super Cr3w text 2 to 22444
Vote for your favorite crew and the winner will be announced August 21!

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