Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson Married: Keyshia Cole Wedding

Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson Married

This past Saturday, May 21, 2011, Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson finally tied the knot with her baby’s daddy in a small private ceremony. Daniel “Bobbie” Gibson, the Cleveland Cavilers guard, and Keyshia Cole have been dating for quite sometime, and this was a long awaited union. We are unsure when the exact date was when Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson started originally dating, but they were spotted together early in 2009. Sources say the couple got engaged at the beginning of 2010 just a few months before their son, Daniel Gibson Jr, was born. We’ve heard that the singer and the NBA star had several big wedding dates planned beginning back in August 2010. According to insiders, the dates were postponed a few times due to Keyshia Cole’s album work.

Keyshia Cole Wedding Picture

Keyshia Cole Wedding Picture

Instead, the huge wedding plans were thrown out the window and Keyshia Cole dropped hints about the secret wedding several days before via twitter, tweeting “I’m ready to marry my baby. We all we got. #fambam.”

Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson were married in Cleveland, Ohio and only their parents and son witnessed the union. Word is, the couple are planning for a larger wedding when Keyshia Cole’s tour with R. Kelly finishes in July. Daniel Gibson and Keyshia Cole both went on Twitter to share the good news about the weekend’s events to their Twitter followers and fans. Daniel tweeted several photos of the wedding and expressed his joy several times on twitter by tweeting, “It’s OFFICIAL!!!!! #Done & #TrulyBlessed. Mr. & Mrs. Gibson. We appreciate all the Well Wishes!”

Keyshia Cole tweeted, “I’ve come so far as a entertainer, Wife, Mother. God has been so good 2 me… it just amazes me at times,” Cole says to her twitter fans.

Well Fashionista, looks like everyone’s finally deciding to Jump the Broom. First Class Fashionista Congratulates both Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson and we wish them a long and blessed union.

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