Shear Genius Charlie Price Talks Being Gay and 303 Magazine’s LGBT Fashion Show

“I Wish Being Gay Wasn’t the Most Interesting Thing About Me, Says Shear Genius Star and 303 Magazine’s Creative Director, ” Charlie Price

303 Magzine Fashion Shows

303 Magazine Pridefest Edition Release and Fashion Show

We covered 303 Magazine’s First Annual Denver Fashion Weekend back in March, a ready-to-wear high-fashion runway show brought to you straight out of Denver. Today, we’re just as excited to share another first for 303 Magazine, the mag’s first ever, Pridefest Special Edition Release and Fashion Show. Creative, edgy and daring to be different, 303 Magazine partnered-up with The Center, a gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community center of Colorado, to release its first issue dedicated solely to Pride and one of the biggest Pridefest celebrations in the country, Denver Pridefest.

In 303 Magazine’s Pridefest issue, publisher AB Aharonian has included a letter from Creative Director Charlie Price, who says he wishes being gay was not the most interesting thing about him.

“I know that might seem ridiculous to anyone who knows me. My voice, style, mannerisms and overall image all make me an obvious screaming queen. I was on TV in a pink shirt with a giant white flower pinned on it, for God’s sake. I get it. I also understand that a huge part of the movement now is to “integrate”, like the gay couple depicted on the hit show Modern Family. What I mean by this is we should be able to live however feels right to us, no matter who we are.”

Fashionista, what I liked about Charlie Price when I first met him and, probably what you loved about the Shear Genius, is his genuine, charismatic personality and SCREAMING intelligence. The very first time I walked into a crowded room with Charlie Price present, admittedly—even though it’s my job- I didn’t know who he was or that he was one of our many talents from Denver, Colorado who has competed on a Reality TV show and, luckily for us Denverites, has decided to bring his talent and star power back home. I just overheard Price, Shear Genius Season 2 runner-up, talking to another journalist and was instantly attracted to what he was saying. Charlie Price seemed to command the room, and I wanted to chat with this guy so I could share another story with you, our valued readers. As it turned out, Price’s interview was one of the best that night- And never did his sexual orientation cross my mind. I mean, really…? What does it matter who people sleep with? We definitely need to move on.

I would love an episode of Glee where no one cared that Kurt was a big ol’ flamer, but instead cared about his heavenly singing voice

– Charlie Price writes.

Me too Charlie, me too.

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Enjoy our 303 Magazine Pridefest Special Edition Release Party Fashion Show video and picture gallery below with Chris Parente, from Channel 2 News, as the host…and expressing his Pride in drag for the first time. The Fashion Show was produced by Charlie Price and is classy like your favorite site on the web, Plus, Chris Parente and Charlie Price’s comedic spirit will make you laugh out loud!

First Class Fashionista‘s Fashion Watch: “The theme of the fashion show is sailors, women in suits and men in underwear,” Charlie Price tells 303 Magazine’s George Peele.

What we saw on the runway: A top hat, like the one once worn by Stevie Nicks from the Fleetwood Mac Band (Stevie Nicks recently made an appearance on DWTS!), stripes, white shorts, pants, blazers, a tuxedo jacket and a knotted tank. Add glitter and blue eye shadow for a more dramatic evening look. For the boudoir, black silk / satin or shear with sparkling rhinestones. For the guys, Calvin Klein whitey tighties is a sexy look, whether you’re trying to turn him or her on. Ladies, crimp or add waves to your hair and the guys can opt for the more sleeker look by parting the hair on the left and adding gel.

“What is always paramount to us is to celebrate beauty and to blaze our own “fashion trail” through the modern wild west, on our own terms, fueled by our pioneering spirit. We stand with you, celebrating freedom and rising against bigotry,” Charlie Price, Letter From 303 Magazine’s Creative Director.

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