First Class Fashionista Trains for BolderBoulder and Runs the Bolder Boulder

First Class Fashionista Trains for and Runs the BolderBoulder

BolderBoulder Runners

BolderBoulder 10k Race Runners

I’ve been sharing my fitness tips with you and as the Fitness Fashionista at FCF, tomorrow, May 30, 2011, I will be attempting to run the BolderBoulder for the first time. The BolderBoulder is an annual Memorial Day 10k road race in Boulder, Colorado. This 10k race with over 50,000 participants a year is one of the largest races in the US and the 5th largest race in the world. All BolderBoulder race participants are timed from start to finish and includes professional runners to walkers. This year, the BolderBoulder starts uphill heading north at 30th & Walnut and as always the BolderBoulder finish line is at CU’s Folsom Stadium. Fashionista, it’s also not too late to register. Registration is open on race day from 5:45 am until 9:00 am at the Twenty Ninth Street Store. Or just come down and enjoy the tons of events surrounding the race for all ages. I sure won’t be running with the professionals, but I will be attempting to run the 10k in a decent time. There are over 80+ waves so you can run with the runners or walkers of BolderBoulder that have your same skill and ability. I’m so excited! The BolderBoulder was even named America’s All-Time Best 10k by Runner’s World Magazine.

I’ve never been much of a distance runner. Many years ago, as a track athlete, I was a sprinter and always lacked the endurance to even run a mile at a decent pace. However, a couple of months ago, I decided I wanted to actually run the BolderBoulder. At the beginning of March, I started running a mile in the mornings and thought I was going to pass out- I was even a little embarrassed as I watched the much older men and ladies pass me up and seem to run with ease.

The next week and every week after that, I decided to increase my length by .5 mile because I knew I needed to build my endurance if I was going to run the BolderBoulder. This past week, I was finally able to run 6 miles non-stop, which I’ve calculated to be about .2 miles short of the BolderBoulder.

Admittedly, every time I run, it’s still more of a mental challenge than a physical one. I find myself wanting to give up after the first couple of miles and I still need to push myself to continue. But I’d also like to add that after doing some research on endurance training, I added a session of strength training a couple of times a week to make my muscles stronger and help with my endurance.

Although I feel confident going into the BolderBoulder and I may actually finish, my goal is still to increase my speed because I find I run quite a bit slower than those around me. With the BolderBoulder, I will get my results all the way from start to finish and the time of each mile in between. Right after I finish the BolderBoulder, I will get a result text and my results certificate will also be sent out in the mail. These results I can use to improve my next 10k (if I ever want to run one again after tomorrow), or use it as a base to improve my personal miles at the gym.

Fashionista, Wish Me Luck! And if you can’t this year, maybe next year you too will join me in running the BolderBoulder or a 10k in your city. As your Fitness Fashionista, I suggest you take a fitness challenge this summer and follow through with it! Look forward to me sharing my experience running the BolderBoulder later in the week and feel free to share your fitness experiences with First Class Fashionista.

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