Adventures Of An Aspiring Model-Rae Marie Fashion Show

Fashionista, today was my first show for the Fashion House of Rae Marie. It was part of the open house at Wazee Union in Denver between 12:00 and 5:00. The fashion show was set to start at four.

Rae Marie Fashion Show

Rae Marie Fashion Show

Rae Marie contacted me via facebook, saying she fell in love with my photographs (yay!), and I agreed to be in the I Love Couture show in July. But just last week, I got another email, a short notice request for girls to show her pieces at the open house. I pulled some strings to get my shift covered at work. I couldn’t wait.

Wazee Union is a really amazing space. A warehouse filled with artists’ studios, graffiti artists, sculptors, photographers, musicians… you name it. What an inspiring atmosphere to create in! I met Rae Marie for the first time, and liked her instantly.

Rae Marie is so talented, outputting impressive amounts of beautiful work all the time, and she is also really nice and funny… She was working on her British accent throughout hair and makeup, which was making everyone laugh.

All the models were really fun too. There weren’t many of us, a lot of girls had backed out at the last minute, but it was almost better that way. In a small room, we all were fitted, and got hair and makeup done. The theme was sexy rocker, or, as Rae Marie put it, “sexy walk of shame”. Bright pink, yellow and purple shadows formed auras around our black smoky eyes, and long fish tails were drawn on with eyeliner.

We were counting on doing the Fashion House of Rae Marie Open House Fashion Show outside, where the band was supposed to be, and had even practiced cautiously on the gravel and cement. There was no runway; this was a true “guerrilla fashion show”. But the band moved indoors, so after a little chaos and scrambling around trying to figure out what to do, our guerrilla army strutted our stuff down the long hall through the warehouse.

Fashion House of Rae Marie

Fashion House of Rae Marie

Sure, it felt a little informal… you could only hear the music at the end of the runway and there were other people walking though the halls that we kind of had to dodge. With only five models showing at least twenty outfits, we had four quick wardrobe changes each. But things worked out, and the crowd applauded warmly for the final walk through.

That being said, it was a wonderful experience nonetheless. At the end of the show, we received shots of each outfit we rocked with photographer James from The James Studio. When we were finished, as I was walking out the door, he even stopped me and handed me his card and suggested we do a one-on-one session, if I was interested. He said he liked my poses. I was elated!

All day, it felt sort of like a party—music, laughing with the girls, getting done up—minus the booze of course. And I really felt like I clicked with Rae Marie. I’m glad I had the guerrilla experience of meeting her before being thrown into the real deal Couture show in July. Anyone who is interested, please come root for me at the Fashion House of Rae Marie’s I Love Couture Fashion Show! Watch for details coming soon!

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Ana Marie is an incoming junior at the University of Colorado in Boulder. She is double-majoring in Spanish and Journalism, and hopes to one day have a career that combines those two fields. Ana is a Boulder native and loves fashion, art, cooking, fitness, and spending time with her boyfriend, Mark. Ana is also exploring the world of modeling and hopes it takes kindly to her.