Jamie Foxx Pitches His Reality Show and Talks Being a Father to Corinne

I apologize, I’m a bit late. When it comes to entertainment news, I get a lot of press releases but I don’t watch much live TV anymore. So a few days ago, while I was writing or editing an interesting read for my pop culture Fashionista, The Ellen DeGeneres Show was on in the background and Jamie Foxx’s comedic sense of humor, singing and impersonations commanded my attention. I was pretty busy, so I pressed record on my DVR. Now, admittedly, I didn’t realize I was watching an encore of The Ellen DeGeneres Show until Ellen announced the release of Madea’s Big Happy Family on April 22nd– Even after watching, I had to rewind to find out Jamie Foxx was on the show to talk about the movie Rio and his first animated role as a singing Yellow Canary. Anyway, the Ellen DeGeneres interview with Jamie Foxx was just so interesting and entertaining, I was surprised it was a rerun– And probably the reason why the network aired it again more than a month later.

Jamie Foxx Pitches a Jamie Foxx Reality Show on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Jamie Foxx on Ellen

Jamie Foxx on Ellen

Jamie Foxx lives two minutes away from Ellen DeGeneres and her partner Portia but, on the show, Ellen and Jamie talked about how late he arrived to her birthday party last January. Ellen asks, “What happened?”

“Family,” says Jamie.

And the Jamie Foxx Reality TV Show Pitch:

“My House is ghetto. I moved my whole family into my house. There is always things I have to make sure are right before I leave,” Jamie Foxx tells Ellen… After joking about his Mom and Step-Dad, who have been divorced for 18 years but are still living together under Jamie’s roof, and giving credit to his sister with Down Syndrome, Jamie confidently adds, “If I had a reality show, I would blow everybody out of the water.”

Question: Fashionista, Would you watch a Jamie Foxx Reality TV show?

Jamie Foxx Talks Being a Father to 17-Year-Old Daughter Corinne on The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Jamie Foxx and Corinne

Jamie Foxx and Corinne

The most interesting part of Ellen DeGeneres’ interview with Jamie Foxx began when Jamie skillfully flipped the conversation from Ellen’s questions about his personal dating life to what it’s like being a Father to a teen daughter of dating age.

“I’m so protective,” explains Jamie.

“We walk out of a restaurant, they take pictures of me and her an they say, ‘Jamie Foxx with a hottie.’ Like they think she’s actually my girl. But she’s incredible, filling out. She’s walking down the street in Beverly Hills, people are blowing horns. I’m literally in the street, ‘You stop it! Walk past me! Hide your butt…! I’m so overprotective.”

Question: Fashionista, Are you surprised Jamie Foxx is such a protective father?

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