3 Steps To Salon Inspired Curls

Blake Lively

Styling your hair can sometimes be a bit of a pain, but with these simple steps, you’ll work your way to flawless celebrity inspired curls without having to go to pricey Hollywood salons.

  1. Prep your hair – In order to have the perfect curls, you must first take the proper steps by preparing your hair. Curls will hold better in your hair if it has the help of some natural dirt and oil from your scalp, so wait to curl your hair the day after it has been washed. All the heat exposure from your iron can greatly damage the hair, so apply a heat protector minutes prior to styling.
  2. Sectioning hair – To ensure that no pieces are left uncurled, section your hair into layers. Start off by putting all your hair up with a clip, leaving only your bottom layer of hair to be styled. Split this layer in half, putting each half on one of your shoulders. When you have finished curling this section, tie it back in a low ponytail so that it is out of the way. Then continue to section off layers of hair as you get closer to the top of your head, keeping the other hair pulled back. This way you are working on only small sections at a time so no hair will be missed.
  3. Curl and spray – Start with a two-inch piece from your first section. When curling, be sure to twist the barrel in the corresponding direction of the clamp on the barrel. If you go against the clamp, your hair will get an unwanted crease in your hair. After holding the hair in the barrel for about 30 seconds, release the curl and immediately spritz it with a light coat of hairspray. Place this curl behind your shoulder and out of the way. When moving on to the next curl, change the direction of your iron. Continue alternating with each new curl. This will keep the curls from clumping together. Be sure that the curls framing your face are flipping outwards. After you have curled all of your hair, don’t forget the hair spray, and you are ready to go!



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