DIY Stylish Cut Up T-shirt: Corset Back

DIY cut up t-shirt

Materials you will need:

-Fabric scissors

-Any t-shirt of your desire


  1. Cut your neckline how you would like it (I chose to cut mine so it hung off my shoulders).
  2. Fold your t-shirt in half so you can cut the back evenly.
  3. Cut one-centimeter strips as far down the back you would like. I cut mine slanted and all the way down to the bottom of the shirt.

  1. Unfold the shirt and make sure the strips are even on both sides. If not, it’s no big deal, just cut them a little more to match.
  2. Now, pull the strips one by one, so the sides curl and the become thinner.

  1. Now, take the second string down, and bring it under the first strip; and then back over it; then take the third and bring it under the second strip and back over.
  2. Continue down the entire shirt; once you have reached the bottom, cut the last string and tie a knot around the bottom seam.
  3. Continue as many times as you would like, I did six different braids starting and ending at different points

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