How to Apply Natural Looking False Eyelashes

As a mall employee, I see everyone from teens to older women wearing horrendously fake-looking false eyelashes. Now some people, such as drag queens and strippers, are going for that look, but if you’re not either, here’s a list of everyday, appropriate false eyelashes to wear and tips to wear them properly.

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1. Individuals lashes

Although these lashes take longer to apply, they can be worn for a few days if you desire. ANDREA PERMA-LASH in flair short black look natural, but give your lashes a voluminous boost that flatters every eye shape, because you choose where they go! But just a warning, the majority of them should be placed near the outer corner of your lashes.

2. 4 LASH by MAC Cosmetics

These lashes are natural hair and extremely high quality, if you take care of them properly, they can be worn several times. However, I cannot emphasize enough the importance to cut them to the proper width of your eye. Lashes should never pass either corner of your eye, so cut to width.

3. Revlon Beyond Natural in 91168 Natural Defining.

Not only do these lashes cost less than ten dollars, they are just a slight enhancement to your natural lashes and can be worn without mascara. And I re-emphasize, CUT THESE LASHES to your proper width. There is nothing tackier than lashes that do not fit properly.

4. Good-quality glue.

The right glue is not too watery, and will spread easily along the band of your false lashes. My favorite glue is LashGrip brand Eyelash Adhesive in Waterproof; it is found in most drug stores. MAC Duo Adhesive is also a great, higher-quality lash glue.

5. Proper Application

First, cut your lashes to the width of your eye. Apply some glue to the end of a toothpick and spread evenly across the lash band. Finally, apply the false lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible. If you are going to wear eyeliner, apply your eye makeup before applying your lashes.

If you are wearing individual lashes, apply some lash glue on a flat surface and dip the eyelashes in with tweezers, then apply wherever you would like that lash to go.


Also, never forget to wash all of the glue off when you are finished wearing your lashes. Rubbing your favorite face wash on the area should do the trick!

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