Teen Wolf is Nothing Like Twilight

MTV's Teen Wolf Cast

For many of us, it seems like this vampire and werewolve craze is really getting out of control with the premiere of yet another werewolf show called Teen Wolf on MTV. In a recent interview at the MTV Movie Awards, Teen Wolf stars Tyler Hoechlin and Colton Haynes explained that this show is nothing like Twilight and they don’t intend to be like Twilight. Colton Haynes said, “It’s already happening, they’re trying to pin us against each other.” Tyler Hoechlin added, “Someone told us we have a fight with Rob and Taylor. I don’t know if they set that up or someone else is trying to get that going. I think we’ll be fine—just have to keep our eyes peeled.” Luckily, there was no fight at the MTV Movie Awards! Hoechlin added, “They got a good thing going, and we want to be our own thing. We want to be the Teen Wolf guys.”

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