Jackass Star Ryan Dunn Dies at 34

Ryan Dunn and Friends

Ryan Dunn Tweeted this photo 2 hours before his death.

Early Monday morning, around 3 am, it was reported that “Jackass” star, Ryan Dunn, died in a car accident in West Goshen, Pennsylvania.

Ryan Dunn starred in MTV’s hit series “Jackass” and all three of the “Jackass” movies. When Ryan Dunn moved to West Chester, Pennsylvania, in the late 90’s, he easily got along with Bam’s CKY Crew. They would do crazy stunts and skateboard tricks and put their videos online. This soon became Ryan’s career. In 2000, he became a part of “Jackass”, and would later star in the “Jackass” spin-offs, “Viva La Bam” and “Bam’s Unholy Union”. In 2005, Ryan Dunn had his own show on MTV called, “Homewreckers.” But it soon went off the air. Ryan has always stuck with the “Jackass” crew, and their latest movie, “Jackass 3.5” recently aired on MTV.

Unfortunately, after a night of fun and drinking at Barnaby’s in Pennsylvania, Ryan and an unidentified passenger decided to drive home after having “3 Miller Lites and 3 ‘girly shots'” according to the Manager at Barnaby’s, “but he was not too drunk to drive.” Ryan Dunn’s 2007 Porsche 911 flew over the guardrail, flew through about 40 ft of trees, hit a tree, and then burst into flames.

Ryan Dunn's Car at the Scene of the Accident

Ryan Dunn will be remembered for stunts like “The Poo Dive” and “The Master Blaster”. Our hearts here at First Class Fashionista go out to Ryan’s family, friends and fans. RIP Ryan Dunn.

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