5 Things No Fashionista Should be Caught Without!

5. The perfect signature scent – Impressions are everything, and having the perfect scent will help you make the best kind of impression. Pick a scent that compliments your personality. Are you flirty and outgoing? If so, stick with a fresh, flowery scent. If you’re more of the mysterious type, go with a fougere scent to capture your sophistication. A Fashionista always makes sure her scent will leave them wanting more.

4. Her tunes – Make the perfect music playlist! Have a pump-up song, a cool down song, a happy song, a sad song. Music unlocks our emotions, and having the perfect playlist will keep you ready for anything life throws at you.

3. A signature accessory – Every girl needs to be known for her signature accessory, be it a necklace, a bracelet, or even just your glasses. By having a signature accessory, you can better sculpt your signature style. Even if you don’t wear it everyday, your signature will begin to show in all your outfits.

2. A partner in crime – Without a partner in crime, a “Fashionista” is nothing! Your girl is always there for you to make sure your every move is perfection. Feed off of each other, and you and your partner in crime will be unstoppable.

1. Confidence – Confidence is the key to being a true Fashionista! Exude confidence. People are attracted to it. Simply by holding your head up high and walking with a purpose, your whole presence is changed. You are strong, you are passionate, and you are ready to take on life. You are a First Class Fashionista!

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