Old Clothes New Ways: Fashionista, Lingerie is Here to Stay!

You can never have enough clothes ladies, am I right? If you’re a Fashionista like me, some days, no matter how packed your closet is, you find yourself thinking you have nothing to wear! Well the economy doesn’t help much, so if you can’t go buy a new outfit every day, you might as well be equipped to make the most of what you have.

One clothing item already in your closet you can think about is lingerie. Yes, that ridiculously expensive square-inch piece of lace, satin or silk you wear once in a while for one person to see. No, I’m not telling you that when you’re at a loss for what to wear you should bare all in public, but I’m suggesting a Fashionista who knows what she’s doing can layer.

Try wearing a lace camisole, bustier or bodice underneath a low-cut shirt for a sexy alternative to the plain old solid color undershirt or cami- Yes, the cami we’ve all seen, and most often looks worn and over-used.

How to Wear Lingerie

How to Wear Lingerie Outside Tips

Or, if you have any sheen, long-sleeve lingerie, use it over a sleeveless dress or top for a sexy but elegant way to cover some skin. I tried a black lace long-sleeve over a black tube-top mini dress and it added immediate class, making me far more comfortable at a date in a fancy restaurant.

So next time your staring blankly at your closet, take a second look in the bedroom drawer. Try matching colors or complimenting. Let’s have a lingerie revolution, ladies! It’s pricey, and it makes you feel sexy when you wear it— So why not wear it everyday?

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