President Obama Arranges Justin Bieber Meet-Up for One Lucky Girl

President Obama Introduces Payton Wall to Justin Bieber!

Last week, 14-year-old Payton Wall from New Jersey had the meet-up of a lifetime when she met Justin Bieber through President Obama. Payton Wall wrote a 1,500 word email to President Obama explaining her life story and how she lost her father in the twin towers on 9/11. After explaining what an inspiration Bieber’s documentary, “Never Say Never” was to her, Obama agreed to arrange for her to meet Justin Bieber.

Payton Wall

Payton Wall and Barack Obama

Payton Wall and President Barack Obama Meet at Ground Zero

Payton Wall and  Justin Bieber

President Barack Obama Cutout Payton and Avery Wall Justin Bieber and Madison Roberson

Bieber’s “Never Say Never”, Payton says, helped her cope with her father’s death and inspired her to write to the President. Justin Bieber met Payton Wall, her sister Ashley, and Madison Robertson, whose father also died on 9/11, at Macy’s in New York while promoting his new fragrance, “Someday”.

To our teen Fashionista, the new Someday perfume is sure to keep your “Bieber Fever” at 99 degrees or higher!

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