All Public Clothing Review and Dress Giveaway Alert!

For the People By the People: All Public Clothing Makes a Designer Out of You!

All Public Clothing

All Public Clothing

My All Public Clothing Review

Yesterday, “First Class Fashionista” received two dresses from All Public Clothing and I was happy to review the All Public Clothing Margo maxi. After trying it on, I never wanted to take it off. It’s 100% cotton and so comfortable, wearing it feels better than being naked– I’d never thought I’d say that. This is the first maxi dress I’ve owned, and I’m so excited because maxi dresses really are the hottest, yet most comfortable fashion trend. I recommend every Fashionista get one. In a maxi dress you look glam, but really the look is effortless.

I got the Margo dress in a small and black. The Margo is simple–with details such as silver buttons in the middle and a ruffled, instead of a tucked in, seam. Overall, it’s really quite lovely. I chose the Margo dress over the Fito because I thought I would have the opportunity to wear it more often.

All Public Clothing

Margo Dress Spring 2011

The Fito dress, which we’re planning to hold a giveaway for one lucky FCF reader to win, would make a great dress for an evening out. The color is almost a steel-blue. This dress, which is heavier in material than the Margo maxi, isn’t at all simple in shape or design. The Fito dress is designed with an easy fitting halter top you can cross and knot in the back, but with a heavier layered paneled skirt stitched to create the illusion of pleats. A lace underskirt supports and enhances the body of the skirt.

Fito Dress

Fito Dress

About All Public Clothing:

Ever wish you could design an article of clothing, and see it be bought and worn by a complete stranger? Ever wonder about all the red tape, or the lengths one needs to go to in order to establish themselves in the designing world or to simply see a piece come to fruition? Now anybody can be the mind behind a masterpiece with the fresh new clothing line, All Public Clothing.

All Public Clothing is an exciting new clothing line founded by Roberta Cysne with the help of her husband Anson Sowby. Roberta has worked in fashion and merchandising with great success, and has been involved with brands such as Diesel, Lucky Brand, and Colcci jeans.

But, Roberta Cysne began to question the gaping hole between what is being sold and what people really want to buy. With the encouragement of her husband, Anson Sowby, who now manages marketing and technology for their website,, an idea was born– All Public Clothing. A fashion forward, trendsetting community, All Public Clothing turns your art into fashion! Roberta’s labor of love is “to create a brand that would give everyday people a voice and opportunity…”

The All Public Clothing Mission Is:

“To be a completely unique fashion brand that gives artists and everyday people a voice, an opportunity and a platform to express themselves by making clothing together.”

It works like this: Artists, creators, and everyday people just like you and me can submit a design. Then everyday people vote on who should win. The winner receives $500.00 and their design is sold at their online store and in twenty-five participating boutiques around the country. Submission periods last about 2-3 weeks. Full details, rules, and instructions for submissions can be found at

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Ana Marie is an incoming junior at the University of Colorado in Boulder. She is double-majoring in Spanish and Journalism, and hopes to one day have a career that combines those two fields. Ana is a Boulder native and loves fashion, art, cooking, fitness, and spending time with her boyfriend, Mark. Ana is also exploring the world of modeling and hopes it takes kindly to her.