Beauty How-To: Perfect Pout Tutorial with Perfect Longwear Lipstick Tips

Perfect Pout Tutorial with the Perfect Pout Tips!

As part of my makeup obsession, I have explored all sorts of lipstick brands and techniques to get the perfect lipstick lip. I want my lipstick to last all day and stay fresh looking, so I have searched endlessly and finally found the perfect technique. To save you a little time, because I’m sure you would like to cut down on the searches and trial and error, I have compiled a tutorial to help you achieve perfect longwear lipstick lips in five easy steps! I chose to do red lips, but you can use any color you like!

Materials you will need:

-your favorite lip liner

-your favorite lipstick

-pressed powder foundation

-a simple lip balm, Carmex will do

-one sheet of toilet paper

Step One: Line Your Lips

Apply Lip Liner

Apply Lip Liner

To get the look, make sure your lip pencil is sharp and do not go outside the outer shape of your lips, but make sure to cover all of the natural pink or brown lining. To line my lips, I chose MAC Burgundy Lip Pencil, it’s slightly darker than the lipstick I used because I like to give the lipstick a slightly darker looking hue.

Step Two: Fill In Your Lips With Lip Liner

Tips for Using Lip Liner

Tips for Using Lip Liner

I know this sounds completely counter-intuitive! But this makes the color stay all day, and gives your lips a much fuller, exactly-lined look. Also, I like to emphasize, use the exact same lip liner you used when lining your lips; if you choose to skip this step, do us all a favor and use a lip liner color that is EXACTLY the same color as your lipstick, this isn’t the 90’s!

Step Three: Apply Lip Balm

You only need a very tiny amount of lip balm, and before going on to the next step, make sure to press your lips softly with tissue. I used Carmex.

Step Four: Apply Lipstick

For this step, I like to use a very small amount of lipstick for a sheer, two-toned look, like layering a chiffon blouse with an undershirt. I used REVLON 007 “In The Red”, it’s a beautiful matte red lipstick. Again, dab your lips softy with your tissue paper.

Step Five: Apply Pressed Powder Around Your Lips

Try not to get the pressed powder on your lips, this will give you the sharp edge you’re looking for around your lips. I used LANCOME Dual Finish in “Matte Porcelaine Delicate I”.

Press Powder Tips

Press Powder Tips

And a tip to not get lipstick on your pearly whites- put two fingers in your mouth, and moving in a downward motion, pull them out with your lips closed, this will remove the excess lip color on your teeth!

Tada! You now have the perfect pout, now go out and flaunt it, Fashionista!

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