DIY Nail Art: How To Create Salon Style Flowers on Your Painted Nails!

DIY Nail Art Flowers for Beginners: How To Create Salon Style Flowers on Your Painted Nails!

After getting tired of spending the money on pedicures every two weeks, I invested in some toothpicks, nail polish, and top coat to learn how to do it myself. Not only do I now know how to create these cute little flowers, I can do it for pennies on the dollar! Here are the three easy steps to achieve this salon inspired look.

Step One: Prep Your Nails

Paint on a base coat and use your base color. I used an inexpensive Revlon color from my drug store and applied two coats.

Step Two: Apply Your Flowers

You will need two colors; I used a white and a gold color to create daisies on my nails. For the flower petals dip the toothpick in your white nail polish; you should have a dab of nail polish about the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen. Now, just apply five dots around in the shape of a flower. Then, apply a yellow dot in the center.

small daisy drawing

small daisy drawing

Step Three: Apply a Top Coat

After the polish is dry, apply a clear top coat to help it stay. There you go! You now have a salon inspired pedicure!

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