Recipe of the Week: Rainbow Jello with Condensed Milk or Alcohol

Rainbow Jello Recipe

Fashionista, maybe jello rounds may seem a little juvenile. But serving it in wine glasses, layering it with gelatinized condensed milk and making rainbows makes it appealing no matter how old you are. If you want to make it really grown-up or adult-like, add your favorite alcohol. Just substitute vodka, rum, or another hard liquor for some of the cold water and watch as your rainbow jello becomes the colorful life of the party. You’ll never go back to plain old jello shots again.

The best part of this recipe is you can do any combination and as many colors as you like, in whatever order you want. Make the complete rainbow, do your school or favorite team’s colors, or do different colors with different kinds of alcohol. I didn’t use alcohol this time, but you can bet I will next time. Also, I wasn’t sure how the condensed milk layer would turn out. It ended up being good—sweet and creamy—but I don’t know if I would include it in the alcoholic version. It’s really up to you.

Jello Recipes

Jello Recipe


Various flavors jello packets. I used sugar-free lemon and lime, plus regular berry, blue and grape. Those last two are not available in sugar free.
1 can sweetened condensed milk
2 tbs unflavored gelatin PLUS an extra ½ tbs per package of gelatin you’re using. I had four, so I used 4 tbs total.

1.) Choose your bottom color. Prepare according to directions on box then ADD 1 tbs gelatin. This extra gelatin helps it set faster—in about 20 min versus 4 hours. Pour into respective glasses. Refrigerate.
2.) Mix sweetened condensed milk with 1 C boiling water. Separately, sprinkle the 2 tbs gelatin over ½ C cold water. Let bloom. Then pour another ½ C boiling water over that and stir well. After gelatin has dissolved, mix into milk mixture. Cool to almost room temperature before pouring layer over the first color jello when it is firm. (Be careful, especially with many layers, not to do the condensed milk layer too thick or you will run out before your last couple colors.)
3.) Repeat step one with next layer jello. Keep remaining condensed milk out so it remains liquid and can be poured over each layer. If it thickens, simply microwave for a couple seconds to return it to a liquid state.

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