How to Dress to Look Taller

I am just past the “tall enough to be a model height”, which is 5’7″. In one week, I am shooting film and polaroids with an agent to generate some interest in my talent. I was told to arrive dressed in clothes that make me look taller. After doing a little research, I came across some “How to dress taller” tips that I knew almost any Fashionista would appreciate, so I decided to pass them along to you.

Let’s start from the head and make our way down to the toes.

1.) Apparently long hair can make you look shorter, while medium and shorter haircuts can add the illusion of enhanced height. While I am not making any plans to cut my hair, a way to get around the length is knowing how to style your hair. Styles that are bigger on the top and pulled back tighter on the sides give a streamlined look and can add an inch or two to your height. Don’t overdo it and look like Cindy-Lou Who, but think higher buns or ponytails with a little bit of pouf. I always slick back the sides of my hairdo behind my ears to avoid flyaways and elongate my face.

2.) Always opt for solid, darker colors. Occasionally colors or prints can be good if you want to accentuate an area– For example, if you have long legs or a slender tummy. Jackets should be short, and in your size. Experiment with layers, keeping the darker shirt on the outer layer, and the under layer fitted. With fitted shirts, such as camis and tanks, a little longer line is fine, especially if you have a short abdomen and longer legs. Generally though, shirts should also not be too long, and you never want to bare your midriff.

3.) If you have a longer abdomen and shorter legs, try mid to high-waisted pants, with the shirt tucked in. Darker jeans are better, and generally the best fit for you is one that hugs your thighs but has a long, slightly-flared or boot-cut leg. If you are wearing dress pants, try pinstripes. Avoid capris: just trust me. Occasionally, skinny jeans can work, but only if you have slender or close to slender legs and the jeans are long– but not so long they scrunch up at the bottom and make you look like you are too short for them.

4.) Here is the obvious one: Don’t wear flats. Make sure your heels are comfortable– at least walkable– and I would recommend a platform when trying to look taller. Just make sure it’s not an over-compensation. Good Luck!

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