Avon Voices Goes to Hollywood AND First Class Fashionista Too!

“First Class Fashionista” Goes to Hollywood for a Special Behind the Scenes Look at Avon Voices Singing Talent Search and a Chance to Meet the Semi-Finalist!

Avon Voices at Hollywood Video Shoot

Avon Voices Semi-Finalist at Hollywood Video Shoot

Avon Voices at Hollywood Video Shoot

Avon Voices Semi-Finalist at Hollywood Video Shoot

About “Avon Voices”

“Avon Voices” is an online singing talent search for women and a songwriting competition for women and men. With more than 6,000 video submissions from 60 different countries, a combination of online votes and judging by a celebrity panel of music industry leaders has narrowed the singing talent search down to just 23 semi-finalist in the 3rd round. Out of the very talented 23, 10 singers will be chosen to move on to the final round. In the end, only two singers will be crowned winner and will be given the opportunity to record a professionally produced album.

Check out or interview with Joe Billone, Avon’s Vice President of Global Communications.

For more information on Avon Voices’ singing talent search and songwriting competition or to cast your vote visit: http://www.avonvoices.com. And don’t forget to browse our picture gallery below!

For 125 years Avon has helped to empower women to make a difference in their families and communities. My mom was an Avon representative, and I sold Avon as a young military wife to supplement my family’s income too. So when “First Class Fashionista” received a special invite to attend the “Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Avon Voices Talent Search and Performance Video Shoot” held at the CenterStaging Studio in Burbank, I was off to Hollywood to meet the 23 semi-finalist, celebrity judges and Joe Billone, Avon’s Vice President of Global Communications.

When I arrived to the Burbank Studios on Monday, July 18th, I was excited. I had never visited a Hollywood studio for work. The behind-the-scenes tour started in the Avon Voices’ Green Room, where everyone seemed busy making things happen. Press were then taken to Hair and Makeup, the Voice Coaching Studio, and to see the actual set of the Avon Voices Hollywood Video Shoot. After the tour, we sat down for an intimate lunch with the cast and crew. During lunch, I was introduced to some of the talent. This is when I got the chance to really listen to the voices behind the voices– Her story, her passion and her dreams.

The women in this competition are smart, driven and passionate. Most have received formal coaching or training and have studied voice for years. They not only have beautiful voices, but are truly beautiful people from inside out. The women in this talent search have a true passion for making a difference in their own lives, their family and community.

Below Are a Few More of My Interviews:

Evelina Anusauskaite from Lithuania said her inspiration was love– love for her family, love for people and love for her dog. She has been singing for 14 years and says “Avon Voices” is a chance of a lifetime. Evelina spoke highly of Avon Voices, saying “the makeovers, video and photo shoot is very professional”. She also talked about her sisterhood experience as an Avon Voices participant. She says she’s had a supportive experience and has built relationships that will last.

Pauline Alencar from Brazil was beautiful inside and out. Even though I don’t speak Portuguese and Pauline doesn’t speak English, before her words were even translated, somehow I understood her facial expressions and hand gestures. She said her brother told her about the Avon Voices talent search on the internet and she later saw a tweet about it.

I asked Pauline Alencar what does she hope to accomplish by participating in the Avon Voices talent search, and she said she would like to record her first CD and as a student of communications, art and social services, she would also love to have the opportunity to start a non-profit organization. Then I asked her to tell me about the camaraderie among the women in the Avon Voices talent search. Pauline first spoke of her translator saying, “she became like a mother to me”.

And speaking of the other women: “We all share the universe of music,” Pauline Alencar gestures to explain–and I understood.

I also talked to Kristela Muscia Cristobal. Kristela was warming up and getting her makeover, but she was nice enough to take time out to answer a few questions. She told me she heard about the Avon Voices talent search from her sister and she also saw it in a popular Filipino magazine called YES!. Kristela Cristobal studied music at The Center for Pop Music in the Philippines. She hopes to be one of the 10 finalist and says she enjoys all the activities of the Avon Voices talent search– the travel, makeovers, coaching and professional recordings.

Note: “Avon Voices” participants traveled to video shoots in Nashville, Paris, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro and Hollywood. The finalist and winners will perform live at the Avon Foundation for Women Gala in New York City on November 2, 2011. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Avon Foundation for Women.

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