Top Four Common Makeup Mistakes: MakeUp Mistakes to Avoid

MakeUp Mistakes to Avoid


4: Doing Half and Half Eye Shadow

I think this is not a very flattering attempt at creating a smokey eye, but two completely opposite tones on each half of your lid does not make a smokey eye. It’s fine to use only two tones in creating a smokey eye, as long as you blend, Blend, BLEND! My “Smokey Eye Tutorial for Beginners” can help here:

3: Too Much Blush

A little flush on the cheeks looks wonderful, but once you start to look like a porcelain doll, you’ve gone a bit too far. Instead of caking on the blush over your foundation, try this trick; apply blush over your foundation, but under your bronzer. This will not only blend the blush better into your skin tone, but will give you a more natural looking flush.

2: Mismatched Foundation

Ok, I understand that it’s summer and you haven’t run out of your paler foundation yet. No one wants to waste that $30 bottle of liquid gold! But if it doesn’t match your skin tone, it doesn’t really matter how well it covers your dark spots or breakouts, your face will inevitably look like you’re wearing mime makeup (especially if you are doing the half and half eye shadow). However, this mishap has a very easy fix: First apply a light SPF moisturizer, and then a very thin coat of your paler liquid foundation. Then add a bronzer, preferably one with gold flake in it, to match the rest of your skin. Keep in mind that you need to apply very thin layers of your makeup to create a natural look. Now get your summer glow on!

1: Eyebrows Penciled in Incorrectly

There are several ways to do this incorrectly, so we’ll start with the basic rules of penciling in your eyebrows. If you are blond, use an eyebrow pencil that is two shades darker than your hair color; if you are a brunette, use an eyebrow pencil that is two shades lighter than your hair. When penciling them in, use very small strokes moving outward from your nose. This will mimic your natural hair growth and your eyebrows will not look painted on. When faced with the problem of where to start and where to end your penciling, always use the width of your eye as a guideline. Start right before the tear duct on the inner corner of your eye, and work outwards to the outer corner of your eye. And it’s OK to go slightly further than the outer corner of your eye, just make sure it looks natural with your face.

Unfortunately, I’ve made all of these mistakes myself, and learned the tough way that none of them are passable by any means. You, on the other hand, have read my blogpost and don’t have to make these mistakes. Follow the tips I’ve shared for makeup success!

And one last tip, makeup brushes are nearly always worth their prices. It’s a good idea to invest in some quality brushes for flawless application. They can last for years if they’re well taken care of!

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