DIY Fashionista: How to Paint Zebra Print Nails

The DIY Fashionista Can Paint Her Own Zebra Nail Design!


-two to three contrasting nail colors

-nail art deco brush (this is a thin nail polish brush)

-clear top coat/ base coat

Step 1:

Paint your background color. I usually prefer to use the lighter color as the base. Paint all your nails this color. I used a white pearl color from Icing called “Anything But Innocent”. Apply a couple of coats and let this layer dry completely, half an hour should be fine.

How to Paint Zebra Nails

How to Paint Zebra Nails

Step 2:

Use one of your other contrasting colors and paint zebra stripes with your art deco brush. I like to use a color that is close to my base color on my thumbs, and then use black on my other nails. When forming the zebra stripes you essentially paint on lines that bend and point at the end. I used another Icing color called “High Maintenance”.

DIY Zebra Nail Design

DIY Zebra Nail Design

(the stripes are not very visible in this picture, but they are there)

Step 3:

Use the same technique and use your darker color on the rest of your nails- I used just a cheap black nail polish I received with a Halloween costume a few years ago.

DIY Zebra Nail Design

DIY Zebra Nail Design

Step 4:

Paint your clear top coat on and voila!

Originally published at “First Class Fashionista”

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