Denver Restaurant Review: D Bar Desserts

D Bar Desserts

D Bar Desserts

D Bar Desserts Review

For my friend Austin’s 20th birthday I took her to dinner and dessert at Denver’s “D Bar Desserts”. Despite their name, they do have dinner listed on a menu titled “things we like to eat”. I got the pizza salad sandwich and Austin got the mac ‘n cheese with the night’s special, tempura lobster.

My pizza salad sandwich was really good but, to be honest, I can’t say it was to die for. It was recommend by our D Bar Desserts’ server, and full of many of my favorite things like pesto, goat cheese, mozzarella and greens. The pizza crust, a sandwich bread, was more like a pita and while good, could have been thicker or grilled. I also thought there were too many greens and not enough cheese or pesto. That means a lot coming from me, as I always want my fix of greens and frequently complain about too much cheese.

Austin liked her mac ‘n’ cheese. It was a moderately small portion, which somehow made it seem more upscale next to portions at “Noodles & Company” or “Olive Garden”. It was topped with Panko breadcrumbs and came with a simple side salad. She gave me a bite of her tempura lobster, which I put in my sandwich. It was crispy and greasy, like fried fish should be, but light like tempura.

For dessert I got the “big boy caramel,” a salted chocolate caramel tart with caramel ice cream and an affogato. I was surprised by the very soft, almost liquid, chocolate caramel filling. The flavor was huge. Chocolatey caramel that tasted like true dulce de leche-none of that Werthers crap. I just love how the salt in caramel brings out it’s sweetness on your palate.

Austin had the molten cake everybody has…D Bar Desserts’ molten cake is steamed with a truffle inside. Austin is a shameless chocoholic and that’s why I decided to bring her to a restaurant where it’s all about desserts. The cake was served with Sicilian pistachio ice cream and plump rainier cherries. Luckily, she doesn’t like cherries so I got to mooch those!

Overall, the restaurant was good. The service was prompt and friendly and we were seated on a lovely open air patio. I really appreciated the reasonably moderate portions of dinner, which left us satisfied but with enough room for dessert.

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